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Miss Curaçao Holland
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Miss Curacao Holland

ʻʻNos Pais.˝

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Miss Curaçao Holland

Curaçao is an island that contains people rich in history, culture, talent and beauty. With these features in mind Aubrey America Multi-Talented Productions is going to search for the embassador that will respresent the community of Curaçao  in the Netherlands.

A lot of times the youth living here in the Netherlands will lose their identity and therefor reduce their confidence and selfworth. This pageant will give  the community of Curaçao the face of the woman that will represent them here in the Netherlands. This woman will be the voice for every single person originating from Curaçao living here in the Netherlands that needs someone who can speak for them. This voice will provide encouragement for the discouraged and inspiration for the uninspired.

With this reason in mind Aubrey America Multi-Talented Productions is proud to introduce our pageant Miss Curaçao Holland.

Sign up now today as a contestant to become the next Miss Curaçao Holland.

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